Adult RE – Our place in the web of life

divideCome join us for ³Our Place in the Web of Life,² a six-week class developed by the UU Ministry for the Earth, and led by Kimberly French and Dan Hotchkiss, starting Saturday morning, November 19, in the Parish Hall. Classes will continue on Saturday mornings, December 3, 10, January 7, 14, and 21.

Climate change, environmental destruction, economic and racial injustice, the problems our planet and country face can feel overwhelming, even hopeless. Sometimes it feels there¹s little one person or group can do. But we have more power and reason to hope, as well as responsibility for these problems, than we may think.

We will seek to deepen our sense of place and gratitude for this place we call home with others in our community.

We will undertake small-group homework between classes to research how our own community impacts water, air, energy, waste, land, and/or food.

We will learn how our behavior affects other people, communities, and fragile ecosystems.

The class is designed to challenge us to think deeply about what matters to us, what our religious values are, what we can do to act locally on those values. It¹s a type of learning that¹s not just about acquiring knowledge but moves us out of our heads and into our hearts and hands.

Please sign up in the Parlor or Parish Hall, or contact one of the leaders. We need a minimum of 6 and can take a maximum of 15 people who can attend preferably all, but at least 4 sessions. This will be a great place for newcomers to learn about our community. See you on November 19!

Contact Kimberly French or Dan Hotchkiss or

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