Friends and Alumni Letter

Hello Friends and Alumni,

I am writing representing the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Middleborough as the Chairperson of the “I Love My Church Initiative”. We are calling it an initiative because our goal is to change how we operate the church.

We have developed a five year plan to make the church’s operation and building maintenance sustainable. It is a major change in how we view our responsibility to our current church and future congregations.

Over the last few years we have realized some uncomfortable truths. We were not treating our staff well enough and our building needs substantially more TLC than we had given it. We set some goals. We wanted to insure high quality ministry, music, and religious education programs, good quality space for staff and RE, stronger social outreach, and reasonable pay for our staff.

We are accomplishing each of these goals. We now have high quality ministry, music, and religious education. We have greatly increased the scope of our community outreach. Our staff is reasonably paid and we are in the process of creating the best quality work space we can. Construction will be completed soon. We have replaced our heating system, updated the electrical and done some other repairs during the process. We have also identified large unavoidable maintenance items that we will need to carry out over the next 2 to 8 years.

The “I Love My Church Initiative” is a two part fundraiser that will run through February 14th. We will raise $150,000.00; $75,000.00 now to cover the construction described above and the remaining $75,000.00 over the next 5 years to cover the known coming major maintenance items. This will allow us 5 years to evolve our budget process toward sustainability.

Over the next few weeks we will post information on our website Select the “Love My Church” tab in the upper left. You will see some history of our church. We believe you will find it informative. We believe you will find it interesting. And we hope you will find it inspiring.

You will see how and why we have made our decisions over the decades. We think you will find the decisions that have brought us to this point were good and moral. Some were because of changing social thought, and some helped to shape new social thought. Many of you will remember these events. You helped accomplish some of these things. A few of you took a leadership roll and opened our eyes to the importance of some of these events.

Some of you join us on occasion and for others, it has been awhile. We wanted you to know what the church is up to and invite you to participate in this initiative if you wish. Stop by and see what we are doing if you can or follow along on the website to see how we areprogressing.

Rick Benard

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