CUUPS – Summer Solstice Celebration – Monday, June 17


Monday, June 17, at 7:00 p.m.
In The Parish Hall

Have you wondered what the CUUPs group is all about?  On Monday, June 17, CUUPs will be sharing stories about the celebration of the Summer Solstice. Jim Norris will relate the celebration of his first Summer Solstice, and Tanya Trzeciak will talk about Summer Solstice in Alaska.  Please join us for this interesting evening!
We thought you might enjoy the following quote about modern pagans. It is from I was very pleased to find it, because it describes me. “But there are others – [We can] call them naturalistic pagans, pantheist pagans or atheist pagans – who don’t believe in any supernatural beings, forces or realms. For naturalistic paganism, the pagan gods and rituals are not taken literally but as symbolic expressions of a reverential attitude to Nature, while magick is a kind of therapy or “soul-work” rather than a supernatural way of controlling natural events. If you [have] clicked on World Pantheism’s ads, you are probably a naturalistic pagan. You love Nature and you may be looking for a form of spirituality that focuses on Nature. But you probably have doubts about some aspects of mainstream paganism – especially the beliefs in magick, gods and spirits – and you may feel uncomfortable in meetings where these are taken quite literally.”      Susie Sherman

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