Lakeville Arts & Music Festival – Saturday, October 4


Saturday, October 4

The Lakeville Arts & Music Festival is scheduled for Saturday, October 4.          Middleboro UU has been a participant for several years. We sell yummy soups, chicken salad, and meatball subs as well as drinks, goodies and ECO apples. It serves as a good fundraiser for our church and a great way to be involved in the community.

We need many hands to create a successful fundraiser. We need soup makers, chicken salad and meatball makers, bakers of tea breads and cookies, and others who prepare and clean up.

We need people Thursday evening, October 2, and Friday evening, October 3, to prep; and, of course, many hands the day of the event to set up, sell and clean up. If you do not cook or bake, we will accept cash donations to allow us to purchase the needed items, but we do need lots of yummy food to sell.

We are hoping that you can let us know how you can help. To volunteer for work shifts and to volunteer to provide food, contact Andrea Priest.

We also invite new people to be involved in the planning committee of this event to learn the ropes – contact Andrea if you are able to help.

The menu is Portuguese Kale Soup and Veggie Vegetarian Soup with breads; chicken salad and artisan breads; meatball subs; pumpkin, date nut, cranberry and zucchini breads; cookies and brownies; and cold bottled water in addition to the ECO apples and bags of cranberries.

Let’s start the year off with a successful and fun fundraiser. Make our jobs easier by contacting Andrea today. Thank you!

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