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Children’s Religious Education Program

2016-2017 Church Year

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  • We believe that each and every person is important.
  • We believe that all people should be treated fairly.
  • We believe that our churches are places where all people are accepted and where we keep on learning together.
  • We believe that each person must be free to search for what is true and right in life.
  • We believe that everyone should have a vote about things that concern them.
  • We believe in working for a peaceful, fair and free world.
  • We believe in caring for our planet earth.

Welcome to Religious Exploration at UU Middleboro!

Growing Children with Helping Hands, Loving Hearts and Open Minds.

What is Religious Exploration at UU Middleboro?

We want children and adults to freely explore what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist. We ask questions and search for answers together in an open and nurturing environment.

We Want Our Children:

  • To work with us to build a society where our principles become reality.
  • To see the world with inquiring eyes and find their own place in it.
  • To know that they are loved for who they are and feel safe in a warm, nurturing community.
  • To have the skills to navigate this fast-changing and increasingly complex world.

Where Do We Begin?

Nursery Care is available for babies and toddlers under 4 each Sunday from 10:15-11:45. Childcare will also be provided during other church activities with prior notice.

Children kindergarten and older begin their Sunday morning in the sanctuary at 10:30, proceeding to classes after the story. To insure their safety, all children will be with their parents during this intergenerational worship time.


Registration begins 9/4/16 and is ongoing. The registration fee is $15 per child (max. $35/family). Scholarships are always available; please speak to the Minister or the DRE.

How Will We Do It?

Children will learn in 3 different classes. Each class will explore the same topic each week, in an age-appropriate context.

Pathfinders (K – Grade 3):

Are just starting to find their way in the world. The focus will be on being part of a community, having fun and learning the basics of what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist.

Explorers (Grade 4 to Grade 6):

Will explore topics in more depth, in multiple ways, allowing for each explorer’s individual learning style.

Adventurers (Grade 7 and up):

Junior youth will tackle more challenging topics. They will have options to work on bigger projects such as taking part in or leading services, youth group and social justice work.

What Will We Explore?

UU Superheroes: The Transcendentalists (Sept and Oct)

Climate Change Social Justice Project followed by The Maccabees: Superheroes of Hanukkah (Nov and Dec)

Superheroes of the Bible (Jan and Feb)

Mahatma Gandhi: A most Unusual Superhero (March and April)

A Superhero Social Justice Project based around the acceptance of all people (May and June)

Special Events

Join us for many more fun activities planned throughout the year.

“It Takes A Village To Raise A Child”

How Would You Like to Get Involved?

Religious Exploration at UU Middleboro is a collaborative effort and we welcome all volunteers from the congregation. Let us know what you like to do and when you are available and we would love you to join our committed and fun-loving team of CORI-checked volunteers. Please contact Juliet Donaldson ( if you would like to be involved even if it is for only 1 or 2 Sundays a year.

  • Volunteer on a schedule that works for you.
  • Sunday classes with fully prepared lesson plans. Your role will be a guide encouraging the children and youth to ask questions, laugh, play and learn.
  • Musical? Consider spending 15 minutes a couple Sundays a year rehearsing songs for intergenerational worship.
  • Do you like acting? Take part in a Message for All Ages skit.
  • Love babies and toddlers? Volunteer in the nursery, on a regular or occasional basis.
  • Youth Group? Be a Youth Group coordinator a couple of Sunday afternoons a month.
  • Help out at special events planned throughout the year.

We believe in lifespan education.
Ask to see our adult education offerings.


Please Contact:

Juliet Donaldson, Director of Religious Education –


Rev. Sarah K. Person, Minister –

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Religious Education Committee

J.R. Pucillo-Dunphy, Chair; Cynthia Benard; Heidi Woofenden; Kim Correia; David Michael; Maria Pucillo-Dunphy; Leslie Sorrento

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