June 2, 2013 – Reverend Sarah’s Installation

Rev. Sarah Person

What does Rev. Sarah Person and computer software have in common? Ans: They can both be installed

Rev. Sarah will be installed as our 27th minister on Sunday, June 2,
2013, at 3:00 p.m. Have you marked your calendar yet?

Sarah has decided to hold this event within our lovely building, using the side yard for tents (linked together) for extra seating for the reception. A tea-like event is her preference, with children being welcome if their parents wish to bring them. A plan is being finalized for the inside set up, which will take over the entire downstairs. Thankfully, we have the garages where we will store much of the furniture we will not be using the day of the event!

A team of chairpeople for various parts of this event is being put together. Please volunteer to help in as many ways as interest you. Don’t be shy. Let me know if you always wanted to do something, have a skill we don’t know about, or a special interest. Smile when you are asked to help, maybe for the 3rd time, for something different, and say yes if you can. What a way to get to know other members of our congregation.

Even if you can’t come because of other commitments, please pitch in to help beforehand in any way you can. It takes us all to pull this together. Help clean up the garden and yard, wash some windows, wax a floor, patch a wall, volunteer to make something for the reception, pot up flowers for our tables, wash the tablecloths, put up chairs and/or take them down, move furniture from one place and building to another, etc., etc., etc.

Specifics, including sign up sheets, will be coming out soon. Look for them. It is a big job, and we will need everyone’s help. Some of us have already begun part of our contributions. This is truly an event where there is a job (or perhaps 3) for everyone who is willing to take ownership of their congregation, Church, and new minister.

It’s time to bake the brownies, and chair the kitchen – there are small, medium size, large, and super large jobs for all. I hope everyone will find their
place within this event.

Cheryl MacQueen

In case you missed the E-Tree invitation:

The First Unitarian Universalist Society Of Middleboro is celebrating the installation of Reverend Sarah Person on June 2, 2013 at 25 South Main Street Middleborough, MA

The Installation Ceremony will be held in the Sanctuary at 3:00 p.m.

Clergy, seminarians and participants are invited to arrive at 2:30 p.m. to robe and process.

A reception will be held in the Parish Hall immediately following the ceremony.

All are welcome.

The ceremony will be an hour long. If you need childcare, please let Valarie Ortelt know by emailing her.

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