Rick Benard’s 01/03/16 Presentation

Rick speaks about the Love My Church initiative

Rick speaks about the Love My Church initiative

Good Morning Everyone. My name is Rick Benard and, like I promised when I last spoke on December 6th, today marks the official beginning of the “I Love My Church Initiative”. As I stated then, the Initiative will run through January and end on February 14th. Some good news and some bad news. The bad news is you will have to listen to me until then. The good news is some of us have been listening already and we have a terrific start.

Over the next few weeks you will receive information on the history of our church. We believe you will find it informative. We believe you will find it interesting. And we hope you will find it in some ways inspiring. We think you will gain a perspective and understanding on how, and why, we have made decisions throughout the decades. We think you will find the decisions that have brought us to this point were good and moral. Some were because of changing social thought and some helped to shape new social thought.

Our Stewardship Committee, Parish Committee, and a number of Space Assessment Committees have been working very hard to figure ways to accomplish the goals we have set for them. We asked for high quality ministry, high quality music, high quality religious education, good quality work space and reasonable pay for our staff.

Because of good leadership and work by all of us, we are on the verge of accomplishing each of these goals. We have right now, high quality ministry, music, and religious education.. Our staff is reasonably paid and we are in the process of creating the best quality work space we can. Construction is going on now and will be completed soon.

The Parish Committee, Stewardship Committee, and Canvas Committee have come up with a good plan on how to insure the success and sustainability of our improving church community. It is important that we are here, in Middleborough. Our voice and values are need. Our community outreach is strong and I believe will grow stronger.

Our church is truly the people who come together and define it. Together we make every decision and together we create the warmth and feel of our gatherings. This building allows us to come together and invite all to join us. Having it magnifies our ability to create an effective liberal religious voice. It belongs to each and every one of us. It does not belong to the UUA or any overseeing authority. It is each of our second home. We own the yard, the garden, every door and window, the walls, the roof. Speaking of the roof, we are going to need a new one in a few years.

And that is why I am up here. As I told everyone on December 6th, part one of our financial sustainability plan is to raise $150,000.00. This needs to be over and above our pledges because part two is to include building maintenance in our yearly budget. We need $75.000.00 for our current project and the second $75,000.00 over the next 5 years for known and unavoidable coming expenses like a new roof and painting the building.

Remember, beginning this morning I said some of us have been listening already? It was a no kidding statement. 23% of our congregation have already stepped forward. As of last night we have $40,000.00 of the $75,000.00 we need right now, and $21,000.00 of the second $75,000.00 we need over the next 5 years. One contributor has allowed me to share this with you. She understood her gift needed to be above her annual pledge and she was serious about helping. After looking hard at what she was able to do, she donated $5,000.00 immediately and then $1,000.00 for each of the next five years. After hearing this idea, six other families raised their gift, and and two used her formula.

Again, it is hard to over state the honor I feel to be asked to spread the message the Stewardship Committee and the Parish Committee want you all to hear. Please checkout the “Love My Church” link on UUMiddleboro.org throughout January for information on how you can best help. Also, try to attend one of the meetings coming the week of January 23rd.

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