Rick’s Presentation – 12/6/15

Rick Bernard’s presentation to kick off the “Love My Church” initiative. Other presentations can be seen on the UU web site

  1. Good Morning Everyone!
  2. My Name is Rick Benard. Cindy and I have been attending our church
    here for 36 years.

  3. Amanda Huggon-Mauretti and I are Co-Chairs of the “I Love My Church Initiative”. This is a fund raiser and Amanda and I are pretty flattered to be representing some people who have been working very hard on behalf of all of us. There are actually 12 people active in this initiative, all of whom will be a good source for one on one thoughts and discussion.
  4. One of the paradigms of public speaking is:
    1. First Tell Them What you Are Going To Tell Them
    2. Then Tell Them
    3. Then Tell Them What You Told Them
  5. This is exactly what Amanda and I are going to do. Of course, being good UU’s we will not be doing it in the way the Paradigm intends. Instead, we will stretch it out a bit over time.
  6. We have named this fund raiser the “I love My Church Initiative” for two reasons:
    1. Reason one – the “I Love My Church” part – because, we Do love our church! This month we voted to do some emergency repairs to our electric and heating systems. We voted to provide a better Religious Education program space. And we voted for a safer, more inviting, energy efficient and professional quality space for our staff.
    2. And reason two – the “Initiative” part – because the Parish Committee, the Stewardship Committee and many others in our church know we need to change. We need to change our understanding of our church, which is just us, and our relationship with this building, which allows us to be together.
  7. So here we go – we are going to jump right in. Instead of fund raising from need to need and emergency to emergency we have instead, looked forward for the next 2 to 8 years. We have identified predictable and unavoidable building problems, gotten predicted costs for some of them and estimated others. When we add these to our immediate voted need, we are going to raise $150,000.00.
  8. Are you kidding! — Really! — How are we going to do that!
  9. I am not Kidding. I really mean it! — And we are going to do this, the way we have done it for decades and decades. — We are going to do it together.
  10. So relax. We have a plan.
  11. The “I love My Church Initiative” Starts in earnest on January 3rd and will end February 7th. So, why am I up here now? Because we will be providing some general information to think about before we begin in January. We are also making sure that those who want to make some or all of their donation in this tax year, will have time to do it. We received $13,000.00 in donation commitments from a few people who came forward as soon as we all voted to tackle our emergency problems, and bring our staff home. Some of those folks immediately dug just as deep as they could. They realized this needed to be in addition to their pledge and Amanda and I applaud them and thank them for their leadership. As the scope of our building and budgeting issues revealed themselves some others of those few people have committed to doubling, tripling, and increasing up to 5 times their original commitment. Thank you!
  12. The good news is that, although we need to do all this work in addition to our annual pledges, let me reemphasize that; although we need to do all this work in addition to our annual pledges, only 75,000.00, half of the 150.000.00 is needed right now. For the other half we have some time.
  13. There is going to be a job for everyone in our church. There will be volunteer work as well as financial support needed. For most of us, it will be a combination of both. Throughout January, we will be putting out information that will allow people great flexibility in how we each can take ownership of this “I Love My Church Initiative”.14) Through Amanda and I, the 12 member group will be providing information throughout December. Take your time with it. We think it will be informative, interesting and easy to digest. Enjoy the holiday season. If you want to do something now, for tax or any reason, just see Marc MacQueen. We will present specific ideas and strategies which will require more thought and be much more useful throughout January.
  14. Information will come from a number of sources, so you will be able to sit back, listen, read, view, think about and decide where you fit into this puzzl e.
  15. Amanda gave me a great phrase to use. — “You will be able to choose your adventure” I love that! We are all important to our collective future and there will be an important part for.

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