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Committees & Contact Person

Many people are needed to make our church the vibrant place we love. Volunteering for a committee is both personally rewarding and important to making our church function. Many committees meet once a month; others meet on an “as needed” basis.

You are invited to please contact committees of interest to you.


Contact Person

Adult Education

The Adult Education Committee plans and oversees the Adult Education Program.

Kimberly French and Dan Hotchkiss
Building & Grounds

The Building & Grounds Committee oversees the physical needs of the building and makes arrangements for repairs.

 Sue Sherman
Caring Committee

The Caring Committee provides food, rides, visits, music, notes, and pastoral care to individuals in time of need.

Susan Curtiss – Pastoral Care

Dody Adkins-Perry – Meals

Tricia Tummino – Rides

Valerie Fontaine – Caring Choir

Chris Korben – Cards

Juli Gould – Prayer Shawls

Committee on Ministry

The Committee on Ministry provides support and a sounding board for the minister.

Bob Waterman
Elsie Gaudette Award

The Elsie Gaudette Award can be given to a person who exemplifies the service and dedication to this church that Elsie did for many years. If you know of a deserving person to nominate for this award, you must nominate her/him in writing or by email or phone telling of this person’s contributions to the church over time and why this person deserves the honor. Contact the Committee Chairperson, Linda E. Thompson.

Linda Thompson
Equal Exchange

One of the church’s fundraising activities is the sale of Equal Exchange products including organic coffee, chocolate, and olive oil. Equal Exchange is a Fair Trade Organization through which small-scale farmers in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the US earn a fair price for their products, have access to affordable credit, and gain a long-term trading partner they can trust. It’s a win-win-win: the farmers benefit, the church makes a profit to help support our activities, and YOU get to enjoy these delicious products!

Open Position
Governance/Policy Task Force

The Governance/Policy Task Force’s purpose is to:

–  Examine current governance and management structures and methods, and make recommendations on revised or new approaches.

–  Draft and facilitate implementation of changes to Church by-laws.

–  Create, review, and revise policies as needed.

–  Design mechanisms for effective communication of policies (e.g., Policy Handbook, postings on website).

Bob Waterman
Green Sanctuary

The Green Sanctuary Committee develops practices and policies to move our church in the direction of an ever greener way of operating a green sanctuary and educates the congregation on green practices.

 Sue Sherman
Leadership Development Team

The purpose of this team is to assist with cultivating leadership in the Church.

 Bob Waterman
Membership Growth & Outreach

We intend to develop short-, mid- and long-term goals that are achievable and include best practices and accountability. Most importantly, we hope the Congregation will take an active role, no matter how small. We must assure that our culture as a UU community continues to support the needs of our current members. Our goal is to expand our ability to welcome newcomers and engage them in the life of our wonderful church with thoughtful sensitivity.

Chris Korben & Dorine Levasseur
Memorial Garden Team

The Memorial Garden Committee oversees the care of the Memorial Garden and upholds the policy associated with the Memorial Garden.

Mike Schroeder

The Music Committee works closely with the Director of Music and oversees all aspects of our music program.

Laura Stevens
Program Planning

The Program Planning Committee organizes and maintains the church calendar of events.

Andrea Priest
Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee seeks to get information in a timely fashion to as many people as possible in as many ways as possible and facilitates communication both within the Church and throughout the community and works with the various committees of the Church to facilitate and coordinate public relations.

Open Position 
Religious Education

The Religious Education Committee works closely with the Director of Religious Education and oversees all aspects of the Religious Education Program.

J.R. Pucillo-Dunphy
Social Action Alliance

Along with the start of the church year, the Social Action Alliance will be taking large steps to promote active congregational involvement aiding the community and world around us. With every meeting and initiative, the Social Action Alliance would like every individual of the congregation to ask themselves, “Who or what have I always wanted to help in my life but never have?”
This year, the Social Action Alliance would like to answer this question by providing abundant opportunities to help every cause that is true to yourself, in order to draw passion for action among everyone in the church.

Elizabeth Lownds
Staff Support Team

The Staff Support Team’s purpose is to provide support to the Church’s professional staff and to the Minister, as staff supervisor.

Bob Waterman

The Stewardship Committee oversees all financial aspects of the church, including the stewardship drive, investments, and special gifts.

Open Position

The Technology Committee provides technology for the Church and maintains and operates the sound system and lights and videotapes worship services for broadcast on local cable. They also support and upgrade the office technology as needed.

J.R. Pucillo-Dunphy

The Worship Committee works closely with the minister and addresses issues involving worship and worship space. The Committee also provides people to fill the pulpit and plans and helps lead  the worship services on the minister’s Sundays off during the church year. They also plan the summer services.

Open Position

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