Sunday, May 6 at Noon – Budget Meeting


Please join the Parish Committee on Sunday, May 6, at noon for a conversation about planning for the proposed FY 2018-2019 budget. Among the considerations is addressing the fact that our Religious Exploration program has grown over the last few years and enrollment has increased significantly. During listening circles held early this year, there were many voices of appreciation and support for the quality of our program.

We have an opportunity to take advantage of this momentum and expand our program to include a Youth Group and possibly a more formal Adult Education program. In order to do this, we would need to increase the scope of the Director of Religious Exploration position. The position is currently 1/2 time (20 hours per week). Given our current budget picture, the Parish Committee is proposing an increase to a 5/8 position (25 hours per week), with a view to increasing the position further to 3/4 (30 hours per week) as soon as the budget could support. This would necessitate some thought about budget priorities.

The matter is pressing because our DRE, Juliet Donaldson, is currently considering her options as a religious exploration professional. She is ready and eager to take on more hours and expand her responsibilities. Please come on Sunday and join the discussion. Your thoughts and opinions are important. We welcome your thoughts on how the budget should support the overall mission of our Church, and in particular the RE Committee and Parish Committee welcome your feedback on the role of religious exploration programming as part of our overall mission.

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