The Question Box Sermon

Church 25 South Main Street, Middleboro

Rev. Peter Connolly preaching The minister will be responding to the questions you left in the Question Box in the Parlor over the past few weeks, questions about theology, spiritual practice and church life.  Special music will be provided by Nicola Wilbar singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

Event Series Religious Exploration

Religious Exploration

Church 25 South Main Street, Middleboro

Nursery Care
Nursery care is available during the church service each week, courtesy of Niko Pucillo-Dunphy.

RE Children’s Classes

In RE we had a change of plans last week when we discussed the messiah in each of us, so this week we will continue our lesson from Mullah Nasruddin Feeds His Coat. We will also play the welcome and unwelcome game and share a Middle Eastern Feast consisting of lentils, bread, hummus, figs and baklava. New children are always welcome!

Are These Yours?

The kitchen clean up crew found many items that do not belong to the church. If they are yours, please take them home. They will be in the Parish Hall for two Sundays at Coffee Hour, then they will be donated.  Andrea Priest