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Virtual New Moon Meditation

with Natalie Johnson

November 23 @ 6:00 pm 6:45 pm

This New Moon falls in the sign of Sagittarius, the cosmic archer who invites us to aim our arrows of intention ever higher. We meet on the eve of a holiday originally based on fiction and that now, for many, has become an occasion for gluttony, TV sports and rampant retail overconsumerism.  Still, the idea of taking a day to celebrate the harvest and the abundance we enjoy in our lives is a worthwhile concept. 

We can choose to celebrate in a more authentic way.  We can gather with friends and family with the idea of sharing what we have and acknowledging all those whose contributions make our feast possible.  We can acknowledge the good earth itself for accepting and growing the seeds, the sun and rain who encourage germination and growth, those who lovingly tend the crops, those who weed and harvest, those who cook and bake.  Those who open their homes to welcome us. Those with fur or fins or feathers who give their lives to sustain us. 

Just one meal of many but one that is filled with significance and a clear reminder of the web of life and how intricately our lives are intertwined.  Let us reflect this evening on the many blessings that are ours, on the people we love and on how precious life itself is. All are welcome.

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