Our vision for our church community (as approved at our Annual Meeting on June 13, 2008):

The First Unitarian Universalist Society of Middleborough will be a place for spiritual growth for people of all ages, drawing members from our community and neighboring towns. Our members will come from a diverse mix of ethnic, cultural, and economic backgrounds and hold differing views on spiritual, social, and political questions.

We will encourage slow and steady growth in membership and programs. We will fully support our church’s work with a balanced operating budget, funded by our pledge units.

We will increase our space to meet the needs of our growing membership; and it will have sufficient classrooms, offices, function rooms, and sanctuary space for all of its programs and events.

We will compensate our staff fairly, with benefits and a schedule for raises, meeting Unitarian Universalist Association guidelines.

We will support the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Ballou Channing District, and we will commit to growing our lay leadership through their services.

We will actively address social justice needs that we see around us; and we will educate our members and the broader community about working together on local, national, and global problems.

Our RE programs for children and adults will be rooted in the seven Unitarian Universalist Principles and the wisdom of the world’s great religions, helping our members of all ages to grow spiritually. Our children’s church school membership will rise, and we will offer a continual succession of adult programs open to newcomers and members to join at all times.

Our Sunday services will challenge and sustain our members, both spiritually and intellectually. They will inspire through rich and eclectic musical experiences and provide a time of reflection, meditation, comfort, and community building.

Throughout this period of slow, steady growth in membership and programs, we will continue our commitment to maintaining the intimacy and vibrant community that our members have come to treasure.

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