Rev. Sarah Person

by Rev. Sarah Person


The Light Ahead

On Friday, December 14, 2012, our country was devastated by the Sandy Hook tragedy in Newtown.  Two days later, this church held our Christmas Pageant with our precious children and with heavy hearts.  On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, we were confronted yet again with the ravages of calculated rage.  I remember, and grieve that I have to, some of that sermon from so long ago:

“I came upon a magic wand while I unpacked the boxes of our lives the other day.  A magic wand that Alan and I had used a long time ago to cure our daughter’s tears and make life bearable again for a four-year-old.  She was feeling miserable because she didn’t want to move from our old home to our new one.  Together, we made up a story of a little girl who dies and a magician who waves a magic wand and a mother who cries tears that bring the little girl back to life.  We played that game for hours, taking turns with all the parts.  When we finally moved out of our home a few weeks later, she was okay with it – but she kept a hold on that magic wand.”  I said, “If only life were this simple. If only I could stand up here and wave that magic wand and make all the bad things go away and the good things come again.  Well, I can’t and they don’t and still we come to church.” 

We come to church knowing that too many mothers and fathers will never wake their children with their tears.  We are, as we have been for a long time, walking a long road in the dark.  We are not alone, but we are not sure of the way, and we are hurting.  In the distance we can see a candle in the window.

 A congregation is an expression of the will and the dreams of its people.  Let us be with one another, talk about this life we have imposed on ourselves and our children, and resolve to do what we can together. 

May we be the road, may we be the window, may we be the candle to guide the weary travelers home.

Rev. Sarah