Rev. Sarah Person

by Rev. Sarah Person

Dear Friends,

Summer is almost here.  As my ministry with you approaches its close, I am grateful that our plans for the coming year are beginning to fall into place.  As you know, due to a clergy shortage, we were one of twenty Unitarian Universalist congregations in the U.S. that were not matched with an Interim Minister.  Luckily, we have some talented ministers in our area who have had considerable experience offering part-time ministries to congregations like ours.  In addition, we have dedicated staff and volunteer leaders who are ready to help with everything we need going forward while we prepare for our next ministries.

This wonderful church has been a haven for us; a place where we can bring what is broken in us, and what brings us joy.  At the same time, we know this church exists because of us rather than just for us.  It is our effort, our gifts and dreams that make it happen.  Thank you for creating this vital community for yourselves and for me.  It is time to look to the future with open hearts, mine with yours and with those yet to come.

Rev. Sarah