by Susan Hotchkiss

Our music program at UU Middleboro is officially launched. Singers and instrumentalists are doing what we love best – practicing, exploring new music, enjoying pieces we’ve done before, rehearsing in ensembles, and sharing with the congregation. It’s a joyful thing to be performing live again.

When we perform live, we are creating an experience in real time. It’s never perfect, but that’s not the point. We perform as a part of a worship happening, moving back and forth between spoken word and song, weaving a rich experience that none of us can achieve alone. This is very different than recording pieces that are stitched together in a computer.

All of us are looking forward to the time when we can safely come to church again. Many folks will prefer the convenience of

staying home and tuning in, but others will want to be back in the sanctuary together again. It will happen!

Stay safe and sing soon,

Susan Hotchkiss, Director of Music