by Dan Hotchkiss

Thanks to the efforts of many, new stage lighting designed by Stephen Larrett has been installed in the front of our sanctuary. A crew consisting of Mark Belanger, Jim Bonnar, Dan Hotchkiss, Bill Howe, Brian Kowalski, Marc MacQueen, and Alan Melchior did most of the work, all under the active leadership of Rick Benard. The main installation took place on August 21, with touchups continuing.

If you watch the video recording of the September 11 church service, you’ll see what a difference the new lights make. Cameras need light to see, and so do people. These new lights bring us closer to our goal of true “hybrid” worship that works for people in the room and people online, too.

The new lights are controlled from a laptop computer in the sound booth. They can vary in brightness from gentle to mind-altering—and in color from cool sunlight to warm candlelight. A simple work light in the chancel (where the organ is) runs on a simple switch, and we hope soon to have a one-switch solution for the remainder of the lights as well.

Stephen Larrett supervising as the lights are aimed and focused
Rick Benard provided scaffolding and much of the construction know-how
Bill Howe proved to be an agile scaffold climber
Alan Melchior, purchasing manager and arranger-in-chief
Mark Belanger discusses the process with pew mover Mark MacQueen