We seek to provide a sanctuary where people can come together as a community to foster spiritual and personal growth through education and open discussion, to offer the opportunity for meditation and worship, and to serve as a liberal religious voice.

In our interactions with one another, we seek to build a strong community, great with acceptance, appreciation, caring love, respect, tolerance, trust, and forgiveness; to listen to one another and resolve our conflicts peacefully; to sympathize with and show compassion to one another; to express our creativity together; and to delight in fun and friendship.

As a religious community, we strive to help one another in our individual journeys to discover our spiritual selves; to find purpose, self-worth, and peace; to explore moral and ethical questions together; and to inspire, challenge, and to stimulate one another intellectually – with open-mindedness and without judgment.

As individuals and in the larger community, we will speak against injustice and cruelty.  We seek to model tolerance and diversity; confront the fear of difference; and thoughtfully address the many difficult problems of our world.