Social Action

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead


Our vigils have continued informally with some of us gathering on the Church lawn each night.  You’re invited to join, but the times they are a changin’; so if you’d like to know when others are planning to be there, use the link below to check the sign-up calendar.  You can add your name if you’re planning to go.  Signs and sign-making materials are in the Parish Hall.  We continue to welcome anyone from the community who would like to stand with us.

Link to the calendar:



We believe that all people should be treated with dignity.  Unfortunately, this is not the case for millions of Massachusetts workers who toil hard every day and yet do not earn enough to care for themselves and their families.  The recent economic downturn has only made this situation worse.  Two out of three jobs lost during the recession were good-paying middle-income jobs, while two out of three jobs gained since the end of the recession pay low wages.  In many of our cities and town, more than one-quarter of the jobs available pay the minimum wage or just above.  Many of you have heard the difficulties faced by people in these times and have seen its impact.

Our faith calls us to act to alleviate the pain of our people and heal our communities.  That’s why many in the faith community have taken up a prophetic call to return some dignity to our people.

Congregational members of MA Communities Action Network and MA Faith Voices – a network of faith-based organizations working for economic justice – are working to “Raise Up Massachusetts” and set an example for the nation of how we should treat “the least of these” by making the state minimum wage the strongest in the country and by giving full-time employees access to earned sick time.

Visit // for more information.

If you are interested in being a part of this critical work, please contact Rev. Sarah.


The Social Action Committee is continuing a long tradition of advocacy and action on social issues. The Committee encourages the congregation to inform area legislators of their views on a variety of social issues through letter writing  initiatives. Contact  Chairperson Lauren Haugh at if you are interested in joining.

The Committee strives to educate the congregation about local, national, and global concerns while identifying activities and projects that benefit individuals, families, and the community.  We have available a “Help” brochure of community resources for families and individuals in crisis, linking those individuals to the many support systems in our community. This local services brochure lists many services (hotlines, emergency food pantries, clothing, fuel assistance programs, counseling, etc.) which are available to Middleborough and Lakeville residents.  Click the link below to access this information.  You may want to print it and put it beside your telephone.

As a “Welcoming Congregation” we support the rights of gay, lesbian, and bisexual individuals in our society and welcome their full participation in our community.  We support the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Service Committee in its efforts around the world and the UUA’s Urban Ministry program in inner city areas.

Plant A Row For The Hungry

Plant A Row For The Hungry

Let us not forget about our neighbors who are hungry.  Please continue to bring non-perishable food and sanitary items to church every Sunday. There are baskets in the Parlor in which you may place your donations.  We did a phenomenal job last year, but this year we need to raise our standards to meet the rising need.  The items are brought to the Sacred Heart Food Pantry.  Thank you so much for your generosity.

The St. Vincent DePaul Society is in dire need of the following non-perishable food items for their Sacred Heart Food Pantry.  These items are not available from the Greater Boston Food Bank.  Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated!

Small Coffee                         Toothpaste

Bar Soap                                Shampoo

2 lb. Box of Sugar                2 lb. Box of Flour

Small Grape Jelly                 Small Ketchup

Pancake Mix                         Hamburger Helper

Pancake Syrup                      Mustard

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