Updated Instructions

The entry door to the Parish Hall, which is at the ground level, is now an electric handicap door. There are handicap push plates for both entry and exit. For everyday purposes, the door will operate as usual.

There is an additional key-operated power security switch. It turns power on and off to the outside handicap push plate.  If the push plate is powered on, it always opens the door.  If the push plate is not powered on, the door will not automatically open.

To power the push plate, turn key to the left. To turn power off, turn key to the right. The power should routinely be off.  When the power is on to the push plate, it always opens the door.

For security purposes, when leaving, the door has to be locked and the power switch turned off. (Turn key to the right.)  Be sure, as usual, that the last person out locks the door and, if warranted, turns off the push plate power security switch. 

Key fobs work at all times.  If you need a key fob, see Valerie Fontaine.

Valerie Fontaine