Committees, Teams & Groups

Many people are needed to make our church the vibrant place we love. Volunteering for a committee or team is both personally rewarding and important to making our church function. Participating in a group can be personally fulfilling and enhances the group. Meeting times vary; some meet once a month and others on an “as needed” basis. You are invited to contact any committee, team, or group that interests you.


Contact Person

Adult Education

Our church is committed to Lifespan Religious Exploration, helping adults to grow in spiritual practice, live an ethical life, act for justice and understand different faiths.

Rev. Peter Connolly

Audio Team

If you can hear what is said, sung, or played on Sunday mornings, thank the Audio Team. This dedicated set of techies gather sounds from microphones around the sanctuary, mix it into a harmonious whole, and send it out to speakers in the room and to the ATEṀ switcher (see Stream Team) to be sent along with video to YouTube.

Stephen Larrett


Book Discussion Group

The Book Discussion Group has been meeting since May, 2018. They meet on the third Monday evening of every month.

Carleen Loper

Building & Grounds Team

This team ensures a warm, welcoming, and safe place for worship and fellowship. Lend your practical skills to keep our building and landscaping attractive, in good repair, and accessible.

Sue Sherman

Coffee Hour

Feed the body as well as the spirit with good food and good conversation. Hosts serve coffee, juice, and treats after a service on Sunday morning.

Andrea Priest

Committee on Ministry

How are we doing? Be a part of assessing worship, fellowship, outreach and religious exploration – in other words, all of our ministries to one another.


This is an affinity group of church members and non-members who meet regularly to celebrate the God and Goddess and the natural cycle of life. We are open to the public and offer education, experience and practice of Earth-centered, nature-based and general pagan beliefs.

Natalie Johnson

Elsie Gaudette Award

In 1991, the church named its outstanding volunteer service award the Elsie Gaudette Award to honor the person who “most exemplifies the spirit and dedication of Elsie Gaudette.” Nominations must be submitted in writing to the committee and are accepted at any time. They must be signed and include the nominee’s qualifications and history of service. All letters are the property of the committee and will be saved for future awards.

Linda Thompson

Equal Exchange

One of Religious Exploration’s fundraising activities is the sale of Equal Exchange products including organic coffee, chocolate, and olive oil. Equal Exchange is a Fair Trade Organization through which small-scale farmers in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the U.S. earn a fair price for their products, have access to affordable credit, and gain a long-term trading partner they can trust. It’s a win-win-win: the farmers benefit, the church makes a profit to help support our activities, and YOU get to enjoy these delicious products!

Kelly Lownds

Governance & Policy

Examine current governance and management structures and look for possible new approaches. Draft and facilitate changes to church bylaws, policies, job descriptions and agreements, communication, etc.

Green Sanctuary

This is a church committee that reviews the environmental impact of church operations and activities.

Sue Sherman


Our purpose is to create an atmosphere of sociability and abundance during fellowship hour and other receptions and events.

Andrea Priest

Just This Sangha

Zen meditation, or just sitting, is the practice of clear seeing. This is a wisdom path of self-knowledge, a way of living more than a meditation technique. Guided and supported by others on this journey of discovery, we have the opportunity to loosen old habits and reactivity, gradually freeing ourselves from our dream story of past and future, awakening to actual life here and now. Each week we sit, walk, share our practice experience and discuss relevant readings.
Tom Tanguay

Knitting, Crocheting & Sewing Group

Shawls of comfort and afghans are made by this affinity group and are given to adults and babies for comfort or for celebration.

Juli Gould

Lay Pastoral & Parish Care

Members of this team are trained to offer lay pastoral counseling or may simply volunteer to provide meals, errands, transportation to the doctor or the grocery store or to church or social outings, household or yard work, visits, phone calls, or respite/break time for caregivers. They provide food, rides, visits, music, notes, and pastoral care to individuals in time of need.

Susan Curtiss

Leadership Development

This team recruits members to volunteer for different leadership opportunities in programs, activities and governance. It also helps with education opportunities.


Membership Development

This team coordinates our growth, outreach, and deepening of our involvement in congregational life and Unitarian Universalism.

Dorine Levasseur

Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden Team oversees the care of the Memorial Garden and upholds the policy associated with the Memorial Garden.
Patty Simon

Music Committee

The role of the Music Committee is to support and enhance the music program, bring fresh ideas, help set goals, and monitor progress.
Bet Giddings

New Moon & Full Moon Meditations

Natalie offers two virtual meditations each month. All are welcome.

Natalie Johnson

Program Planning

This team coordinates the scheduling of church events (fundraisers, education, social gatherings, cultural offerings) over the course of the year and maintains the master events calendar.
Andrea Priest

Public Relations

This team coordinates the PR efforts throughout the church and spearheads our outreach efforts in the community.

Religious Exploration Committee

This committee helps the Director of Religious Exploration to shape programs for all ages by engaging in planning, oversight, budgeting and recruitment of volunteers and advisors.
Christine Hoyle


The “Satsang” is a spiritual affinity gathering of individuals who practice Passage Meditation as developed and taught by Eknath Easwaran and who endeavor to practice the seven allied disciplines which he elucidated. Passage Meditation is the heart and the first of these eight points. This is a contemplative practice.
Valerie Fontaine

Small Group Ministries

In UU small group sessions, we are each invited to minister to our faith in a small appealing setting on a shared group topic.

Social Justice Team

Congregationally based social justice activism answers the question, “What does the world need?” Social justice ministry answers the question, “What makes us come alive?” This committee will help us educate, activate and focus our efforts.
Deanne Bonnar

Dody Adkins-Perry

Spirituality Group

This is a small affinity group for individuals who wish to explore personal spiritual topics.

Staff Support Team

The Staff Support Team’s purpose is to provide support to the Church’s professional staff and to the Minister, as staff supervisor.

Stewardship Committee

This committee assesses the financial status of the church and advises the Parish Committee and the congregation on actions to take. It also oversees the annual budget process and pledge drive.
Marc MacQueen

Stream Team

The Stream Team makes it possible for people to participate in worship remotely via YouTube. Training is available for those who would like to learn to operate the ATEM video switcher—a surprisingly simple way to show video from two cameras and text from a PowerPoint slide show. Experienced operators can be trained as Tech Setup wizards, who come to church early to make sure everything is in order.

Dan Hotchkiss

Welcoming Team

Be the first friendly face people see when they walk through our doors. This is a great opportunity for newcomers to get to know faces. It is a fun way to volunteer. Ushers and greeters welcome people, hand out orders of service and special flyers, and escort people to available seats. They offer headsets when asked. Hosts may take visitors on a tour and answer basic questions about our Church.
Dorine Levasseur

Worship Team

This team assists the minister with providing quality Sunday worship services throughout the year. They oversee the details of Sunday morning services, participate in worship, arrange for guest preachers and assist them, seek feedback from congregants on worship, and help the minister with evaluation. They also plan the summer services.
Viola Fairweather