Institutional Data

Institutional data

As Unitarian Universalists, we believe in open discussion and democratic decision making. This page contains information to help ground our conversations in shared facts about our church. More to come!

Website activity thru September 2023

“Views” means the number of times a page or post was downloaded from our website so a user could see it. “Visitors” is a best-guess estimate of the number of individuals who visited our site. The low view count in February 2023 results from a temporary lapse in WordPress statistics.

Most frequently viewed pages during September 2023

Sunday Worship Attendance

First UU Society of Middleboro

Summer 2023
236   (21%)
2022-23 (average)4612   (21%)
In-person attendance includes all humans in the sanctuary before the children and teachers leave.
YouTube attendance is “peak concurrent viewers,” the largest number of computers watching the livestream at one time while it is live-streaming.