The UUA provides this definition of a church covenant:

“Our covenant binds us together as a community; it expresses our promises to one another and the way in which we will interact and uphold one another’s beliefs.”

Our church has not adopted a covenant statement, per se, but language in our most recent mission statement (c. 2002), especially in its second paragraph, reflects the intent of covenant. I have used that language to fashion the three unison readings we’ve been using in a cycle since our Ingathering service this year.

In September, I appointed Andrea Priest to lead a small covenant-formation team (including Cindy Benard and myself). Using the language of our three unison readings as a base, we have fashioned a draft covenant statement for the congregation to try out, starting on Sunday, October 22. It reads:

Creating a caring community is the promise of our church. To listen deeply, show compassion, build trust, and honor our differences: these things we covenant together.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions, either in person or via e-mail. Here’s how we can be reached:

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