by Rev. Peter Connolly

Halloween and Samhain have passed.  That “thin veil” between the living and the dead that some experience this time of the year foreshadows the thin line between late autumn and early winter.  The air temperature is still warm on many days, but come November 6, when daylight savings time ends, we’ll be well aware of the time of the year that holds the most darkness as the sun sets an hour earlier.  A time that some will dread– for others, it’s the time for hygge, warming the winter with coziness and comfortable conviviality.  Perhaps we’ll all experience a little of both.

The church continues to offer activities for you to participate in from the Full Moon and New Moon Meditations that meets virtually to Fun Fridays, which include both classes and opportunities to play games.  The virtual sangha continues on Fridays, as well, and on Saturday mornings church folk and friends continue to gather for a vigil to remind us all that Black Lives Matter.  CUUPS meetings are open to all who are interested.  And, of course, our Sunday services continue as a place to hold our values high, to encourage questioning and spiritual growth, to enjoy and participate in a rich musical experience and to gather together in community.  We have much to celebrate and much to be thankful for in seasons of dark and seasons of light.

Among other things, I am thankful for the success of our cottage meetings.  Our sixth meeting is scheduled for tomorrow.  All have been well attended, and the level of openness, sharing and discussion has been very enheartening.  Meetings have provided an opportunity for members to let us know what they most cherish about church life and what concerns they have as we move forward together.  One thing is for sure: our members love their church!

I look forward to continuing these meetings for as long as necessary for all members of the congregation to have a say in blazing the path the church will take.  And I thank you all for your time, your talents, and your willingness to share with others the blessings that the church community brings into your life.

Peace and blessings,

Rev. Peter