About 85% of the church’s operating budget is generously provided by congregation members through their annual pledges. Each year we hold a pledge drive to raise the money needed for the next fiscal year, which begins July 1. The Parish Committee, with input from the Finance Team, is in the process of drafting a budget for the fiscal year to help us determine this year’s pledge goal.

This year’s pledge drive, led by Gil Cote, Jeff Giddings, and Cheryl and Marc MacQueen, will take place from March 3 through April 14. A team of stewards is being assembled to contact potential pledgers individually, talk with them about how the church raises money and uses it to promote our mission, and work with them choose a pledge amount that reflects each donor’s financial situation and expresses their commitment to the success of the church. We will continue to keep the congregation informed as the March 3 launch date approaches.