Let’s Talk Race: A Guide for White People

Dr. Marlene Fine and Dr. Fern Johnson will discuss why white people struggle with race and how we can own this problem and learn to do the work ourselves instead of expecting Black people to do it for us. Let's Talk Race is for all white people who want to face the challenges of talking about race and working toward justice and equity. Kindly RSVP. Email: martininstitute@stonehill.edu Phone: 508-565-1311.

Event Series Chalice Choir Rehearsal

Chalice Choir Rehearsal

Parish Hall 25 South Main Street, Middleborough

The Chalice Choir is a volunteer group that meets in the Parish Hall on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 8:30. This choir sings every other Sunday from a wide variety of choral anthems, most set in four parts: soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. Membership is open but limited. Please contact Susan Hotchkiss for more information.

Steve Phillips on How We End the Civil War

Author, columnist and political commentator Steve Phillips will talk about one of the main causes of our current violence and unrest, namely that some in our country are still fighting the Civil War. On Zoom. Kindly RSVP: https://uusj.salsalabs.org/steve_phillips/index.html?eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=30e65814-3ee4-4a2f-be99-5348575a649e

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