Event Series Worship Service

Mr. Darwin and His God

Sanctuary 25 South Main Street, Middleborough

Rev. Peter Connolly preaching When he signed on as the ship's naturalist on HMS Beagle in 1831, Charles Darwin considered himself a Biblical literalist and a scripture-based moralist; his study of the natural world profoundly challenged those notions.  What can we learn from Darwin's spiritual journey?  The Chalice Choir will be singing.

Event Series Religious Exploration

Religious Exploration

Church 25 South Main St, Middleboro

Religious ExplorationBuild a Bear of Wholeness:  We will learn more about creating a home.  In January we made hearths, and in February we will share the heart of our homes with each other and our families. Nursery During the Worship Service   Niko Pucillo-Dunphy and Jesse Hoyle offer child care during the church service.  Please feel free to bring your infants and toddlers to have fun with Niko and Jesse while you are in the sanctuary participating in the service. Kelly Lownds, DRE

Humanist Voices in Unitarian Universalism

Parish Hall 25 South Main Street, Middleborough

Rev. Connolly will be offering a class on Unitarian Universalist perspectives on religious humanism.  The text we will be using is entitled, Humanist Voices in Unitarian Universalism, which the UUA bookstore describes as follows, "Unitarian Universalist Humanists present their faith perspectives in 23 engaging and thought-provoking essays. They explore Humanist history, beliefs, approach to life, social justice, community, and religious education." The class will be offered in six 90-minute sessions on Sundays at 12:30 pm, beginning on January 21. Today's class is meeting in the Parish Hall. Rev. Peter Connolly


Church Parlor 25 South Main Street, Middleboro

Our OWL class meets today from 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. in the Avis Clay Parlor. Please note, we are working hard to respect the youths’ privacy during the class and ensure they have a safe and separate place to meet in the Parlor.  

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