by Rev. Peter Connolly

To ensure a successful Interim Ministry at FUUSM, we want to share with you our intentions for our Collegial Covenant with each other. A covenant is a promise ministers make to one another that addresses how we will interact with each other and you, the congregation. Basically, we respect each other’s roles and avoid getting in the middle of important communications and relationships between the minister and a congregation member, whether publicly or privately. Rev. Sarah will refrain from attending any church meetings, program, potluck dinners, Parish Committee events or church activities held on- or off-site. Rev. Sarah will gladly serve in any capacity Rev. Peter may request, should occasion occur. Rev. Peter may seek advice from Rev. Sarah from time to time and presents no objection to Rev. Sarah or her husband, Alan, socializing with church members and staff provided church business is not discussed. We pledge to be in continuing conversation about how well our covenant is serving the congregation, consulting regularly and openly.