Jeff Stevens primes the coffee maker each Sunday and helps to make the coffee. The church buys the needed coffee. 

What do we need? 

Coffee Hour Hosts – Please click HERE to sign up or use the sign-up sheet on the Parlor table. Val will email you instructions, and there are many hands around to help as needed. 

If you are not able to host, there are other ways you can help create coffee hour. 

1. Buy boxed, non- perishable milk. Put on the shelf in the church kitchen (the shelf with the sliding windows to the Parish Hall). Buy 1/2 and 1/2, quart size, and put in the fridge. 

2. Purchase packaged baked goods. Put in the bin on wire shelf labeled “coffee hour snacks.” Cookies, crackers, non-perishable goods. 

3. Buy or bake perishable baked goods and bring on Sunday or put in the freezer. Please label them with the date and message “for coffee hour.” 

Thank you,

Andrea Priest