The 2023 Holiday Fair, held on Saturday, November 4, was a great success.  By the end of the fair, we had raised $1,554 for FUUSM!  At coffee hour on Sunday, November 5, an additional $95 was raised, bringing the total to $1,649!

I want to thank the following people for ALL of their help in making this such a great fundraiser for the church – many of those listed below did multiple duties/tasks!!!

Dody Adkins-Perry; Lois Aldrich; Nancy Backus; Holly Begley; Jim Bonnar; Donna Ciappina; Hannah Clayton; Vi Fairweather; Valerie Fontaine; Susan Hotchkiss; Dave Kraemer; Stephen Larrett; Dorine Levasseur; Cheryl MacQueen; Mal Marvil; John Mullen; Andrea Priest; Greg Rowe; Sue St. Germain; Linda Thompson; and Nicola Wilbar.

I’m hoping some members pick up the craft kits I donated to the online auction, make them, and then consider donating some of them to the church table at the 2024 Holiday Fair!  Date for that will be coming shortly, and I am thrilled to have Dorine Levasseur volunteer to be co-chair with me for next year’s fair!!

Katie Allen, Fair Chairperson