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The end of the church year is drawing near and we can be proud of all we have accomplished. Our church board – the Parish Committee (PC) – has been very busy all year, working to streamline procedures and manage all the needs of the church, from keeping our beautiful building in good shape to supporting programs and special events.

When are new officers and members of the PC elected? Every year at our annual meeting in June we elect new officers and members for the PC. Each officer or member serves a two-year term; they may be re-elected for a second consecutive two-year term. The terms are staggered, so that half of the members are elected in any particular year. In even years, we elect the President, Treasurer, and one At-Large Member. In odd years, we elect the Vice President, Clerk, Assistant Treasurer, and one At-Large Member. And in any year, we fill vacancies and approve appointments that have been made during the year to fill vacated positions.

Who can vote at the annual meeting? Everyone who has been a member of the church for at least 30 days has a vote.

Where do nominations for the PC come from? From all of you in the congregation!! We welcome you to find out more about what the PC does and the important ways in which each of its officers and members contributes. Attend a PC meeting or two to see what it’s like; get to know those who are currently involved. You may nominate yourself for a position or you may contact the Nominating Committee to suggest someone else you feel would make a unique contribution by serving.

Will there be a slate of officers presented at the annual meeting? We are pleased to report that we have now filled out a proposed slate of officers/members to present at the June annual meeting. We will be sharing this with all of you very soon.

If you are interested in serving on the PC at some point, please get in touch! Openings occur from time to time, and we would love to know whom we can call on when a need arises.

What are some other ways I can get involved in the church? In addition to positions on the PC, there are many very rewarding committee openings available and a wide range of ways to serve: from baking a special treat for coffee hour or helping in the beautiful Memorial Garden to serving as a friendly greeter on Sunday mornings. What a wonderful feeling to be an active part of this vibrant church community!!

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Nominating Committee:

Bet Giddings, Chair –

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