The MA Indigenous Legislative agenda for 2023 consists of 5 bills.  Here are two of them:

An Act to Protect Native American Heritage. H.3248/S.2186 (Rogers/Biele, Collins) This would ensure that Native American funerary objects, sacred objects, and objects of cultural patrimony (those of cultural, traditional or historical importance to their heritage) held in governmental, municipal or non-profit collections are not sold for profit. The hearing for this bill was to be held on September 18.  Written testimony is normally accepted for some weeks after the hearing, so you can still support this bill.  As Becky from BCCR summarizes, “There are a number of things you can do, but probably the easiest is to write a letter of support.  Take 2 minutes to send this generic email testimony to the committee. “

An Act to Establish Indigenous Peoples Day.  S.1976/H.2989; (Joanne M. Comerford, Mindy Domb, Jack Patrick Lewis, Michael J. Barrett and other members of the General Court).  Indigenous Peoples Day would replace Columbus Day.  The hearing is expected to be October 3.  Again:

 Take 2 minutes to send email testimony to the committee. You can use the language that is provided, or modify it if you wish.