by Susan Hotchkiss


Such an exciting time of the year as we enter warmer days of growing light and new beginnings. On May 22 we will celebrate Music Sunday with a special worship service called “Considering Music.” You can read more about this service in our calendar line-up of Sunday descriptions. The “music department” is very busy preparing and practicing for a program that we hope will be thoughtful and nourishing for us all.

We are also thinking forward into June when we will celebrate Rev. Sarah’s retirement on June 11. She has been a stalwart supporter of our music program at UU Middleboro, and we will miss her rich contralto voice and steadfast support.  Events of the day will include a program in the sanctuary at 2:00, followed by an outdoor reception of light refreshments. Mark your calendars now and keep a lookout for your invitation and RSVP information.

Carry on, and SING while you’re at it!

Susan Hotchkiss
Director of Music