The Parlor Task Force met again on Monday, April 17.  We reviewed the completed work on tightening the metal rods across the sanctuary and the resizing of the altar in the Parlor.  We have done an estimate on the drywall for the upper walls and ceiling. The estimate was for $5280 but was for a textured finish like what is in the chancel.  The Task Force recommended a smooth finish.

We reviewed the estimate for lighting and electrical work of roughly $3300. We examined the floor, and it was recommended that we obtain an estimate for sanding and refinishing the floor to match the sanctuary. We will also get an estimate for repairing the stained-glass windows and an estimate for replacing the storm windows with more environmentally effective ones. 

Our overall goal is to have a room that can be used flexibly for meetings and presentations, as a small chapel, and as a quiet contemplative space. We discussed replacing the sofas and adding floor lamps.  It was suggested that the colors used in the room pick up the colors in the painting that Avis Clay gave the church. 

We will meet again when all estimates are in to decide on prioritizing their acceptance and to plan on our budget for furnishing and painting the room.                                

Jim Bonnar