by Kelly Lownds

Volunteers:  We need people, please!  I’m looking for a few loving and caring people willing to sit with our children on Sunday mornings for RE to teach the curriculum with me.  We rely on CORI’d people/volunteers to provide safety and learning for the children downstairs each week. You can let the DRE know you are interested during the service, coffee hour or by email/phone call!

Our Annual Holiday Party for RE:  We will be celebrating the holidays on Sunday, December 10.  The children will be together from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. for gingerbread making, holiday crafting, food and fun. 

There is also an opportunity for them to then join the choir for some afternoon holiday caroling.  All are welcome to join the children after church for holiday crafting and gingerbread house making.  We will even share some of our treats!

RE Children’s Classes:  We continue to consider this year’s theme of home and have considered where animals create their homes and how we can be in nature.  Our bears hang out in the classroom while they hibernate and wait for their next wholeness badges….

Nursery During Church: Niko Pucillo-Dunphy and Jesse Hoyle offer child care during the church service.  Please feel free to bring your infants and toddlers to have fun with Niko and Jesse while you are in the sanctuary participating in the service.

RE Committee:  Our next meeting will occur on Wednesday, December 13, at 6:30 p.m. at the church.  There will be a virtual option if people are interested.  Please reach out to the DRE at to get a link if needed.

OWL (Our Whole Lives for youth 12-16):  There is still time for youth to join the group if interested!  We meet from 12:30 to 3:00  p.m.  Please note, we are working hard to respect the youth’s privacy during the class and to ensure that they have a safe and separate place to meet. 

 Kelly Lownds, Director of Religious Exploration