by Social Justice Team

This is an update about our on-going monitoring of the Haitian refugee situation here in town: The refugees continue to be housed at the Quality Inn, and the state is committed to covering the cost of both housing and food through June 30. All school-aged children are attending Middleboro schools; and last we knew, the town is offering at least some “English as a second language” training at the town hall. We are attending monthly UU Mass Action Immigrant Justice Team meetings. Several Massachusetts UU congregations are now providing temporary housing to immigrants (the state has contracted with the Brazilian Worker Center to manage those logistics for all refugees) as is the UUA, which has converted 2 floors of its Boston building into housing for refugees.

If you want to become more involved, you can contact the Brazilian Worker’s Center ( directly to apply as a Host Family (or offer other services), though it should be noted that that organization is focused on all migrant families in the state, so you would likely not be assigned anyone from the Middleboro group. Also, of course, if you have any ideas on how we can provide meaningful assistance, please let the Social Justice Team know (!

Bill Howe and the Social Justice Team