The Stream Team makes it possible for people to participate in worship remotely on YouTube. We do this using an ATEM video switcher—a surprisingly simple way to combine video from two cameras and text from a PowerPoint slide show. Training is available for any who would like to join the team.

Since fall, we’ve made great progress:

  • We now have four fully trained ATEM Operators: Jeff Giddings, Alan Melchior, Bob Waterman, and Dan Hotchkiss.
  • Bob is also trained as a Tech Setup artist, and Jeff is in the pipeline to become one. Bob and Jeff were on the job the day the church internet connection failed at 10:00, so they are both trained and stress-tested!
  • Thanks to Rick Benard, we now have a camera mount that connects to the brace on the sanctuary ceiling, giving us a good view of the piano area without taking up pew space.
  • We have added a second monitor so the Sound Team members can see what the ATEM Operator sees, and coordinate better.
  • There’s an online signup and instructions worksheet to facilitate scheduling Stream Team members and trainees.

I will be happy to share the signup link if you think you might like to become an ATEM operator or would like to nominate someone else. I’d love to have at least six trained ATEM Operators and four Tech Setup People, so streaming can continue to be fun and not become a burden.

Thanks for all help,
Dan Hotchkiss 
Stream Team leader