Winter is here and it brings with it the possibility of snow and ice and winter storms.  In order to keep our members and friends informed, we share with you now our updated policy for the cancellation of worship services or church events.

The Parish Committee (PC) designates the Minister and/or President of the PC to determine if a worship service needs to be canceled.  The decision to cancel a worship service needs to be made as soon as circumstances indicate the need, but at least three hours before the start of the scheduled service.  The PC authorizes the Chair of the Committee or church group sponsoring or hosting an event to determine if the event needs to be canceled and to communicate that decision to the Minister and Office Administrator.

The PC designates the Minister as the only person with authority to inform TV outlets of the cancellation of a worship service or Society event.  The outlets to be notified include local NBC affiliate WJAR, ABC affiliate WLNE, CBS affiliate WBZ, and PBS outlet WGBH.  Notice will also be posted on the Society‚Äôs Facebook page.