Fun Friday

Parish Hall 25 South Main Street, Middleborough, Massachusetts

RE families (and any interested parties, friends) are invited to join us on Friday, February 3, for a fun night of crafting and cooking and visiting.  From 5:30 to 6:30 we will have a potluck dinner.  This is optional, but I’m bringing my famous chicken chili so……. Then from 6:30 to 8:30 we will be making gifts for Valentine’s Day.  You can take the gifts home to share with someone you love or enjoy them yourselves.  Please let me know if you can join us!  

Recurring Event Virtual Just This Sangha

Virtual Just This Sangha

Just This Sangha meets virtually (via Zoom) nearly every Friday evening from 6:00 to 7:30 for silent meditation and sharing of our practice experience.  From a Buddhist, particularly Zen, perspective, we focus on bringing practice to daily life; exploring letting go of our usual habitual reactivity and opening to ourselves and others as we actually are.  Not a drop-in group, we do welcome potentially new members to join us for a few sessions to see if the group is a good fit.  Contact Tom Tanguay at for more information.

Peace, Justice & Equality Vigil

Church Lawn 25 South Main Street, Middleborough, Massachusetts

Peace, Equality & Justice Vigil - Saturdays, 11:30 -12:00   on church lawn.  If you are interested in standing with us but would like the training first, please add your name, but put an X in the first column.  All are invited to join in.  Sign up for training and/or the vigil by visiting  Vigil Sign-Ups. If you want to be notified of rare cancellations, please give Dody Adkins-Perry your contact information, and she will email or text you Friday afternoon and/or Saturday morning.  She is usually sitting in her Honda Fit on Nickerson Avenue near South Main Street from about 11:20.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Church 25 South Main Street, Middleboro, Massachusetts

Rev. Peter Connolly preaching All of us find ourselves confronting things that cause us fear and anxiety, enough so that sometimes we find ourselves overwhelmed.  Today, we'll talk about some of the conditions that cause this great discomfort and sort out the responses that might be most helpful.  Special music will be provided by Bet Giddings.

Virtual Full Moon Meditation

with Natalie Johnson This Full Moon is in the sign of Leo and falls just past the celebration of Imbolc, the first holyday in the Wheel of the Year. A fire festival, it honors the very first stirrings of Spring, barely perceptible in our terrain but there nonetheless.  It is the promise of Spring, even tho there most likely will be cold and wet for another couple of months. The Celtic world honored the goddess Brighid at this time. She later became known as St. Bridget when the lands were christianized.  It is also noted as Candlemas and Groundhog Day. ... Read more

CUUPS Imbolc Ritual

Parish Hall 25 South Main Street, Middleborough, Massachusetts

in the Parish Hall The Wheel of the Year brings us to our first holy day of 2023, the fire festival of Imbolc.  This day focuses on many things.  Cleaning and purification….it is time to sweep away any lingering residue from last year in order to move fully into the new.  It gives us the first promise of Spring, as witnessed by longer days, greater light and the higher trajectory of the sun in the sky.  It is the time of the Quickening…..when we can sense new life beginning to stir deep within the ground hidden from sight but felt ... Read more