by Susan Hotchkiss

Music Sunday at UU Middleboro is an annual springtime tradition, a chance to develop some musings into a worship service for the congregation. When I shuffle through the 15 annual Music Sunday files in my cabinet, I’m struck by the variety of music and topics we’ve explored. One of the earliest involved a congregational survey of favorite songs. Last year we presented a masterwork with John Rutter’s multi-movement “Requiem.” We’ve focused on Maya Angelou, Paul McCartney, and Paul Basler. We’ve created programs around themes, such as color palettes, inner instruments, and transformation. We usually take on at least one selection that is TOO HARD… only to discover that we can figure it out. There’s truth in that old adage, “Practice makes perfect.” 

We are practicing and hoping that you will join us on May 19th for Music Sunday 2024.