Quite a few folks in the congregation have been writing postcards to voters in Georgia to help motivate them to participate in the primary there on May 21. Just a few cards in our stack of 500 are still outstanding. The rest have been mailed. Please be sure to return your cards to Lois Aldrich on Sunday, April 28, even if you haven’t completed them. Can you contribute postcard stamps (no flags) or money to purchase them?

Let us know how you have liked this round of postcarding. We will be deciding soon whether to continue with this approach for future rounds. We’ve used a tested script, piloted by Workers Circle, the experienced nonpartisan organization with whom many other UU congregations are also partnering. What to say has been easy; no creative composition required. Although it’s been enjoyable and we are confident it will be effective, some of us have small-motor challenges that have made the handwriting process physically difficult. Please let us know what your experience has been.

The Social Justice Team