by Susan Hotchkiss

In 2011 our church music community started something called “Caring Choir,” designed to bring the uplifting gift of music to members and friends who are homebound. A Caring Choir is made up of singers from any of our choirs – Chalice, Ensemble, Alumni, Family, and Song Circle. A Caring Choir may range in size from a few singers to a larger group, depending on the individual request and how large a space is available. We bring familiar and comforting music from our two hymnals: Singing the Living Tradition and Singing the Journey. Sometimes we can accommodate additional requests. Christmas Carols can be worked into a lovely program, as well as songs from the folk-music resource Rise Up Singing.

Who can request a Caring Choir visit? If you are homebound, or have a family member who is homebound, you may reach out to the minister, pastoral care team, music committee, or music director to explore if this would work for you. We will find out what your situation is and what kind of music you love, and then we will put together a group of singers who will gather respectfully at your home or care center to bring kindness and cheer. Programs usually last about 30-45 minutes. The usual times for a Caring Choir visit are Wednesday evening, Thursday evening, Saturday morning or afternoon, and Sunday afternoon. For more information or to request a visit from a Caring Choir, please contact Music Director Susan Hotchkiss at

          REMINDERS: April is a busy month with TWO concerts. On Saturday, April 6, we are hosting Jazz Music Night at 7:30, featuring former UU Middleboro music director Jeannie Gagné, joined by Stan Strickland, Bruce Gertz, and Alberto Netto. This world-class show is partially funded by Lakeville and Middleboro Cultural Councils. Tickets are $25 online and $30 at the door.

          The second concert is on April 27 for our Springtime Gala and Tapas Galore. This fundraiser event features delightful home-grown talent PLUS a culinary treat. You will find details in the newsletter and on our website. Tickets will go on sale after the Jazz Night concert on April 6.

Happy Spring! Joyful Singing!

Susan Hotchkiss, Director of Music, and Bet Giddings, Music Committee Chair