Musicians make a lot of noise! It’s part and parcel of learning a piece to the place where you can share it with others. There’re all those wrong notes, funky rhythms, adrenalin, and repetition-repetition-repetition. I used to tell my piano students that during practicing, they should stop and correct that tricky spot until they can play it FIVE times in a row without an error. The downside is that sometimes you need to play that bar TEN times before getting five good ones. The rules change in performance:  “Do not stop and correct. Carry on. Try to play in the right mood and DO NOT FALL OFF THE PIANO BENCH!” 

November is the time of much practicing and preparation for the upcoming holiday season in December as well as something new for November.

On November 19 at 3:00, musicians and music friends of UU Middleboro present “AUTUMN CONCERT: In Memory of Avis Clay.” Avis was a longtime member of this church, an artist, a lover of music, a fine conversationalist, and a beautiful person. The Clay “children” (Amy, Peter, and Joan) made a generous donation to the church, allowing us to renovate the small room adjacent to the sanctuary and set up an endowment fund for music. In gratitude, we are dedicating our fall concert to the memory of Avis Clay. 

Other November dates include the Music Committee on Wednesday the 8th at 7:00 p.m. by Zoom and the November Song Circle on Friday, November 10.

Sing soon, sing often, just sing!

Susan Hotchkiss, Director of Music