by Kelly Lownds

The end of the church school year is coming but don’t let that stop you from enjoying our groups, some volunteer opportunities and getting a chance to build your own bear before we wrap up!  In April we volunteered at the Cooler Middleboro Fair, and in May we will be graduating our OWL class at the end of the month. We have been adding more badges to our bears, including “Grow your Dreams” and “Listen to Life” in RE and in Youth Group.  We try to ensure the children are learning about their faith home and enjoying coming back each week to enjoy food, fun and friends.   We have a nursery each week for young children and infants as well as Religious Exploration class for children.  Enrollment is ongoing and can be completed at any time.  Kids of any age are welcome in the morning; and if children are interested in being with older children, there is a youth group available two times a month on Sunday evenings.

RE Classes:  We will meet each week and in May will start to prepare for your Youth Sunday Celebration in June.  We will also wrap up our “Build a Bear Wholeness” curriculum and allow the children to bring home their bears.  Our last lessons are about “Comings and Goings” from home, “Muhammed” and seeking and finding our faith home, and “Memories of Home” and how we create memories in our homes that will carry us throughout our lives.  It will be a busy and productive month!

Nursery is still being led by Niko Pucillo-Dunphy, who receives support from Jesse Hoyle as the second in charge.  We have two toddlers and are always ready to have more young children/infants if you are interested in joining us on a Sunday morning.

OWL is wrapping up and has its last sessions on May 5 and on May 19 when we will be having a closing ceremony together.  The group has been very present for all the activities and participated in some lively and thoughtful discussions.  

RE Committee: The RE Committee meeting will be held on May 1 at 6:30 p.m. in the Parlor.  The committee members are currently Christine Hoyle, Chris Dargelis and Kelly Lownds.  New members are welcome.   Please reach out to if you are interested in helping our group.

Kelly Lownds, Director of Religious Exploration