The 2023 Summer Signature Living Legacy Pilgrimage is the perfect opportunity for educators and others who can’t get away during the school year to experience the incredible history of the Civil Rights Movement. In a time like this when people are trying to suppress the history of Black Americans, this experience will empower you to counter those narratives with the true and complete history that we all must grapple with to move forward as a country!

The Pilgrimage starts and ends in Memphis, Tennessee and includes Mississippi and Alabama Civil Rights sites!

Why is it called the 2023 Summer Signature LLP?
Because this is the most extensive, most powerful pilgrimage we offer–one that, over the course of eight days, immerses you in many of the powerful stories of the Civil Rights Movement. You will travel through time to learn about the lives of Emmett Till, Rosa Park, Fannie Lou Hamer, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the Freedom Riders, Freedom Summer activists, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth and about the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Jim Crow Laws, the country’s history of lynching, the Selma to Montgomery March, Bombingham, and so much more. You cannot emerge from this experience unchanged.

Yes, it will be hot!
But unlike civil rights workers of the Movement, you will go from an air-conditioned bus to air-conditioned museums to air-conditioned restaurants to an air-conditioned hotel. When you are outside, like when you walk in silent reflection across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, you’ll be so absorbed in the power of the moment that you won’t even notice the heat (or at least won’t care!). Don’t let the heat stop you from an experience that will change your perception of the world and move us all a step closer to justice, equity, and compassion. 

Now is the time to take the trip you’ve always hoped to take!  It has never been more important to do!