by Kelly Lownds

RE Children
In May, as we Explore Beyond Our Walls, we will have an Indian and a Thai folktale.  These will teach us about the golden rule making a difference in the world and about justice.  We will be working on the gifts of thanks for the end of the year that will relate to our Gems of Goodness and also our lessons from Moral Tales.  We will be preparing for the Youth Service scheduled for June 11.

Youth Group
In May we will shift Youth Group to the first and third Sunday evenings.  We will continue our ethics curriculum to help us think about right and wrong and the shades in between.  We are hoping to join in some spring activities that will bring us in contact with a variety of people and ideas that will support our learning.  We are planning to participate in Pride Fest and in a social action project.  

LGBTQIA and Allies Meeting, Parents and Youth
We will be meeting on Wednesday, May 24, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.  in the Parish Hall.  In June 2022, we had Middleboro’s first Pride Fest and offered the idea for FUUSM to host an LGBTQIA Support Group for youth and parents.  This meeting will combine all LGBTQIA and allies. Please join us for the conversation. Light snacks and refreshments will be offered.

Parents Coffee Hour
We will have Parents Coffee Hour together on the third Sunday each month to share our parenting successes and concerns.  We will have a table set aside for our meeting during Coffee Hour in the Parish Hall.

Library Project
Niko Pucillo-Dunphy is working on organizing our bookshelves into a searchable catalog of books. This is an ongoing project, and they will volunteer with Sebastian Glaspey once the project is complete to organize the shelves for all of us to use. 

RE Committee
We meet at 6:30 on the first Wednesday of the month.  This month our meeting will be on May 3.  We will be in person at the church for the meeting, but we will also have a Zoom link if it is easier for people to join virtually.  New members are welcome.  The link will go out in the UU Updates.  

Kelly Lownds, Director of Religious Exploration