Winning Team for 2023 UU Road Rally.

by dan_contributor

Our Third Annual UU Road Rally was a success (and just a bit soggy), raising over $400 for the General Fund.

On Saturday, October 21, the UU held its 3rd Annual Road Rally. While the day was somewhat wet, everyone finished and was inside the Parish Hall before the heavier rain started coming down. 

Altogether 27 people (and one doggy) participated in a total of 8 teams. Fun and good-natured competition ruled the day.

Trophies were awarded to the top three teams:

  • 3rd Place: Team Benard.  Rick, Cindy and their granddaughter Sydney
  • 2nd Place: Team Cote.  Bill and Joanne with Laureen Gilbert
  • 1st Place: Team Plymouth: Mal Marvill, Helen Jones, Katie Allen, Susan Curtiss and Charlie-Pup
Winning Team for 2023 UU Road Rally.
2023 UU Road Rally Winning Team

A new award for Persistence and Perseverance called “The Royal Punkin Award” went to Linda Thompson and Valerie Fontaine. This award will be handed off to a different team next year. To be eligible, the team must finish the Rally. 

Organizers wish to express their appreciation to those who helped make it a success, and even possible:

  • Route “Guinea Pigs”: Susan Hotchkiss, Dan Hotchkiss, Marc MacQueen and Cheryl MacQueen
  • Event flyer and advertising: Sarah Nobles; Susan Hotchkiss
  • Announcements, postings and office support (printing, etc…): Val Ortelt; Dan Hotchkiss
  • Post-Rally snacks and drinks: Katie Allen, Mal Marvill, Linda Bruce, Jamie Mullen, Helen Jones, and Sue Curtiss
  • Musical Entertainment: Eddie Priest with support from Andrea Priest
  • Rally Day setup: Jamie Mullen and Cam Kennedy
  • And a HUGE thanks to Susan Hotchkiss, who was there from planning through implementation and beyond, doing most of some things and some of everything

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  And sincere apologies to anyone we missed. 

— John Mullen, chair and reporter